07 August 2010

NFL HOF Inductions

Just a couple interesting stories to link to.  The first, if you are not an avid NFL fan (more specifically a Cowboys or Giants fan) you won't remember this game and the demonstration of toughness on the field.  More amazingly was the ability to actually play with such an injury AND play at an all-pro level.  Snce Emmitt Smith is going into the HOF this weekend, I thought I'd post the link to this story. Dallas Morning News story: http://bit.ly/cisrKU

And being a Cowboy's fan, I still give big ups to Russ Grimm and the Hogs.  You can tell how good a team/someone is when your favorite team is one of their big rivals.  Their greatness is in direct contrast to how much you scream at the television.  The more you scream; the better the player and team is.  The Redskins, Grimm and the Hogs had me screaming a lot back in the day.  Washington post story:  http://bit.ly/bFtmQb

A great HOF class this year with Jerry Rice, Floyd Little, John Randle, Rickey Jackson and Dick LeBeau.

24 June 2010


Sometimes you innocently overhear the darnedest things...

Today I was standing in line at one of the nationwide chains of office services and supplies, that will OBVIOUSLY remain nameless, when I hear the lady in front of me ask the cashier if the company "deletes all of the documents" form their printers, faxes and copiers.

Well, it seems the one asking the question, though a great question, did not really understand what they were asking anymore than the cashier knew how to answer it.  The cashier's answer was that they (the nationwide retailer) were on a network and that they could delete what they print from the printers through the network.

The customer then asked if the actually do delete the documents as she was worried in case they disposed of the printers or sold them.

The cashier stated that yes, she deletes things that she prints all of the time when she is printing.

Customer is satisfied and walks away happy with the answer!

Okay, so many of you get the picture.  The customer must have heard form a friend or in reading something that data can be stored on various peripherals after the copies are made, faxes transmitted or the print job has been picked up.  This is true of many devices and I have found many documents available to me as I scanned, prodded and poked these devices at various places of employment and engagements.  I have seen sensitive documents that no one had a clue remained on the devices.  Many of these were personal in nature (I never read them fully as I get embarrassed for the person and feel once I have determined that the doc probably should not be stored there that I am finished with the document).  I can tell you I have seen bank statements, various attorney/client private docs and personal budgets.  Not to mention the files of the employers that may be of a sensitive nature.

It was always interesting trying to convince the admin responsible for the printer administration that the documents are actually stored there and that in most of these cases there was also an underlying default install of an operating system with a web, ftp and tftp server just for starters.  A couple times I dropped netcat/cryptcat or a port scanner on the devices so that I could then begin to scan the admins box or create some other traffic so that when I approached the admin and had him/her look at the network traffic coming to his box and the source IP address I really got to have a moment of good humor when the realization struck their face.  Forensically, you can be certain that data is there for a long time!

I will add more on this later this week; I know it is an old subject; but given that I heard that short conversation today, I just had to share quickly and will need to pull out some of my old "do's and don'ts".  To state the moral rather succinctly; "beware from where you print and copy!".  

02 February 2010

A Few February Thoughts

Haiti.  Wow, I cannot even say anything there after all this time.  Do what you can for them, give whatever you are comfortable giving and pray a lot.  

I am a conservative "USA" type of guy; but when the world bleeds, we all do in these tragic situations.  We mourn their losses.  This one is not far from the US shores either, so logistically, we as a nation can help as much as anyone.  Things are still a mess down there trying to get aid to the right places and help the right people; those with the most need.  In talking with people lately I agree, there is an opportunity here to replace a lot of the infrastructure there to modernize it, and also give jobs to the people of Haiti in planning, designing and doing the work.  This could make a lasting economic impact leaving a road open for further economic development and opportunities that were not present prior to the terrible earthquake.

Also, here is the link for the Red Cross on Facebook.  Quite a lot of information flow from Haiti.   Oh, I should say that is the "American Red Cross", just so I am accurate.

Well, the answer to the question here in the US is "Saints by Six".  If Freeney were even 80% I might go the other way; but he is that much of an impact player that I am afraid the Saint's offense will be far from neutralized.  Brees will just have too much time.  I do think Peton Manning will find his share of success as well--no great prediction there as he always does.  I guess the next question for Sunday night is regarding which company will have the best/funniest commercial.  That question remains for now.  Good luck in your office pools.

I guess in the Six Nations, France and Ireland are the favorites; but I will pull for Scotland anyway as my long-shot bet on the rugby pitch.  The big match is 13 February as Ireland and France meet-up.

That is all for today.  With playing Mr. Mom while the wife is in the hospital and me not feeling great the past couple weeks--keeping this brief.  I will write a new post covering disaster preparedness in the next couple weeks.  I just wanted to finally get the thoughts on Haiti posted .  Will pick my winner for the best Super Bowl commercial in my next post.

02 January 2010

Happy New Year to All - Popular Resolutions

I am trying to think about what the most popular resolutions are that people make at New Year's. I figured I'd try to take a crack at a Top 10 List. So, here is my shot. The Top 10 Resolutions for '10! Oh, one thing that came to mind in regards to this; but was not a resolution is that people qualify things as "lifestyle changes" as opposed to resolutions. I am not sure why they think that aids in the success.

Top 10 Resolutions
  1. Loose weight - eat healthier
  2. Get into an exercise routine
  3. Be a better spouse/parent/sibling/child
  4. Attend church more regularly
  5. Start a stamp collection (Okay, actually start a hobby)
  6. See a doc about that embarrassing "problem" (or finally see a doctor in general)
  7. Lay off the booze. This one is normally made on New Year's morning.
  8. Get to work earlier/Get home earlier
  9. Travel more/less
  10. donate or volunteer money, time, blood...whatever it takes.
Of course my suggestions of a few worthwhile places to find out how you can help are:

The American Red Cross
Hackers for Charity
Angelus Academy
Wounded Warrior Project

So, does anyone have suggestions for other common resolutions; or even off-beat ones they have heard.

Happy New Year!

13 June 2009

Sometimes These Are the Good Ole Days

With all the articles the last couple days on security and social media (web 2.0, or whatever!) I thought I'd pass this along.

I was thinking back to a couple nights ago and having a chat as I watched the NBA finals game 3. I was chatting with my brother-in-law Mike (who is on Afghanistan) and he was watching it as well-though it was well before breakfast for him). It was as though we were watching the game together.

'Wow, what a shot!' 'Where was the call!!!!' Instant back and forth between us.

Having Jeff over in Iraq call his father's cell at the hospital just about the same time Gillian was delivering Lliam was great, and then to get to talk to her and hear his newborn son making noises--pretty awesome. And Jeff gets to talk to Gill very frequently as well. I can recall as a kid when my father was in Vietnam, we did not hear from him too regularly except through a tape now and then and a letter (sometimes frequent and sometimes sporadic).

So, I thought to myself, 'self, tech is really cool'. These are really small examples of the social media and of course, tech has made many more advances in other areas that are leaps and bounds beyond these.
All-in-all, today is a good time to be alive.

Oh, and Mike, thanks for
watching the game with me.